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Genocide in Columbia

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Who is responsible?

Is the Army responsible or is the Paramilitaries?

A Columbian Gendercide is well-established in for the army. A humanitarian aid worker reported "I can't count the number of times I've been stopped at a joint arm paramilitaries roadblock".The soliders would wear green uniforms and the Paramilitaries would wear blue uniforms. The are both from the army but their from different untis. Army violence is taken differntly acoording to the region their in and what unit their in.
The paramilitaries are weak and have yet penetrated. The army is directly connected in the killing of a noncombantants and prisoners that were taken and to torture. They also had a lot of death threats.

The paramilitaries have a pronounced presence that the army has failed to move against. They decided that they were just going to try to tolerate their actions including their violations of the international humanitarian law. It also peovided some groups paramilitaries with intellegence and logistical supprot that would help carry out theri opperations. Even though high-ranking officers denied that teh units were under tehir command organized and promoted paramilitaty activities.The evidence that they had was overwhelming.

Taking a break from work

The US Genocides need to stop.
To many people are being killed
for no good reason.

The paramilitaries are responsible.

The paramilitaries are directly responsible for the main part of the killings in Columbia. In 1997 sixty-seven percent of the killings that were political were attributed to paramilitaries. Many of the killings that happened were carried out with toloerance or activer participation of the security forces(mainly in the army).The paramilitaies were killing people but the army wasen't protecting anyone at all. Some of the leaders were a legendary emerald dealer, rancher, and paramilitary chieftain. These learders were connected to hundreds of political killings in Columbia's eastern plains.

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