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Genocide in Columbia

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My name i Kala La Chance and Iam a high school student at Milwaukie high school. Iam making this webpage for a project in Political Issues.

History of Columbia
Similar Latin American countries, regionalism has been a defining force in Columbia's post independance history. This country has been split up into three seperate branches of the Andes mountain range.The Nation was wrecked because of the brutal conflicts between Libral and Conservative camps. The modern period of violence in Columbia aslo derives from teh Libral-Conservative vendettas and the power struggles that they had concealed. There were groups in Columbia called the self-defence groups.THe number of people in those groups have currently risen to 60,000 men.These groups have been responsible for most of the massacres and have also killed hundreds of former guerilla fighters, 2,200 militans of communists party and over 2,000 trade union cadres. In Columbia they have created a reign of terror which has caused almost  a million people to flee to the town of refuge.


Major event and statistics
Columbia has the highest homicide rate in the world. Violence in Columbia seems to be escalating. In 1980 there was 10,00 homicides. By 1988 there was 20,000. In 1992 the number of homicides had risen to 30,000. Every day in Coloumbia 5 people are gunned down because of their political activities. Most of the vicitims that get killed are men.Every third day one person dissappears for similar reasons. Also every third day someone is gunned down for being a homosexual, prostitute, street urchin,or vagrant. The attorney generals office has estimated that ninty-seven percent of all violent crimes ae commited because with impunity.With regard to to human rights abuses, the impunity id one hundred percent.Human Rights watch have given statistics that say 2,183 people were killed for political reasons in Columbia.




  • War of a thousand


  • It all began


  • It lasted 8 years


  • workers caught clutches of fatal conflict


  • Largest single massacre


  • Militia massacre 11


  • militiamen killed 11 in the region


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